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Continuing our series on Thankful Reads is CBAY author Kath Boyd Marsh!


Kath writes, “At eight years old, I finished reading the Nancy Drew mysteries and went hunting for another genre. I found science fiction and then Robert Heinlein’s Podkayne of Mars. The world exploded! The main character was a young girl. She was the hero. She was smart, She was funny. She was AMAZING! Nancy Drew needed Ned, but Podkayne was a hero all on her own! If she could be all that, why couldn’t I? Like Podkayne I didn’t do anything the easy way. And like her I wanted to do it with humor. When I wrote, which is a compulsion for me, it came out fantasy. This was when fantasy was not a popular genre. Before Harry Potter broke open the fantasy market, a dragon who was good, a knight who was bad, and a peasant girl who wanted to be a wizard but couldn’t get spells right poured out onto lined paper.

Before I dredged up the courage to start submitting The Lazy Dragon, I gave a copy to my parents. My husband made the wooden cover, I stenciled on the illustrations. (At that time I alternated painting every piece of furniture that couldn’t run from me with writing.  Hence the stencils.) My parents loved it! My parents were not the “Everything you do is gold” kind of parents. So their unexpected enthusiasm powered me on. The Lazy Dragon came close to a contract several times, but one editor retired, and another praised it and then sent a form rejection with no reason checked. Sigh. My parents passed away before I submitted it to CBAY Books. I was so close to giving up. The day I sent The Lazy Dragon to Madeline my heart was ice and thunder at the same time. And when Madeline fell in love with Cl’rnce …

I am beyond grateful that The Lazy Dragon and the Bumblespells Wizard debuted last fall. It was not just a promise Podkayne made, but one to myself and most importantly, a promise kept to my parents: Clancy and Mary Ann.”



At seven years old Kath Boyd Marsh self-published her first fantasy on lined notebook paper, stapled together by her grandfather, and starring a creature based on her little sister- the ‘PB.’ Before Kath moved to Richmond, KY to write about dragons, wizards, and other fantastic creatures, she lived in seven states, Panama, and one very haunted house. The Lazy Dragon and the Bumblespells Wizard is her debut novel.


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