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We hope you’ve enjoyed our Thankful Reads blog series so far! Today’s featured author is Susan Bianculli!
“The first series of books I ever read (that I still read from time-to-time even now) is Anne McCaffery’s Dragonriders of Pern, and many of its sequels. I was in 4th grade when my best friend told me about them, and they really opened up reading for pleasure for me. I became a voracious reader because of them. And quite possibly I have become a fantasy writer because of her. Dragons, danger, dragons, light romance, dragons, world-ending threats- oh, and dragons.
The series shows the evolution of a society over a very short period of time from patriarchal and hidebound to a somewhat more egalitarian and accepting one, despite its deep medieval roots, while providing pivotal characters that grow and change and of whom you become fond. It’s very interesting to see how she writes the losses and gains from the personal viewpoints to the world-wide viewpoints that each societal change brings and without sacrificing the overall story-line.
I wanna be like her when I grow up.”
Mist Gate Crossings 1Susan Bianculli, a happily married mother of two living in Georgia, has loved to read all her life. Fairy tales from collections like The Yellow Fairy took her to magical places when she was young; and Fantasy and Sci-fi stories took her to places such as Middle Earth and Dune in her teens. She still loves to read as an adult, and it is not unusual for her to carve out reading time during her busy days and encourage her family to do the same. 
A graduate of Emerson College with a Minor in Writing, she is finally making a foray to the other side of the book cover. She hopes through her stories to share and inspire in young readers the same love of reading that she had at their age, and still has now.
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