Submission Guidelines

We are not accepting unsolicited submissions for picture books, chapter books, midgrade or YA novels at this time.

However, we will be opening to blind unsolicited queries for middle grade or YA novels that are in the fantasy or science fiction genres this week.

Blind submissions? How does that work?

The point of a blind submission is to be influenced only by the work itself. At this time, we are uninterested in a person’s social media presence, their publication background, or their marketing prowess. We are interested exclusively in the stories that you have to tell.

Blind Submissions Information:

Next Query Dates: To Be Determined, sometime in the Fall of 2019

This is a blind query process. Please leave off all identifying information.

CBAY Books is seeking fantasy and science fiction novels written for the middle grade market. We will be accepting blind queries from in the fall of 2019 on our online query form. Queries should be limited to the work itself and should include no identifying information about the author. All queries must be in either the fantasy or science fiction genre although cross genre work is accepted (and encouraged). For example, we would love to see a tween fantasy mystery or a science fiction alternate history romance. Some types of books that we are specifically looking for are:

However, we will look at all fantasies and science fiction book queries written specifically for the middle grade or YA markets.

To submit your blind query, please use this form.

If you have any questions, please contact us at cbaysubmissions @ gmail . com (no spaces) or send us a question through our Contact Form at the bottom of our Contact page.

If you have submitted using the blind query form in March 2018, the full manuscript requests posted on our blog on March 26, 2018. If you submit in June 2018, the full manuscript requests were posted on July 9, 2018.

*Please note: This is not a contest of any kind. These are strictly queries and submissions if done in a slightly unusual manner. We may request only one or even no full manuscripts during this period. Except for the blind element, this is exactly like submitting a query to any editor or agent. CBAY Books makes no promises that anything queried will end up under contract for publication.