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One year ago we welcomed Uncertain Summer by Jessica Lee Anderson into the world. And now, today, we welcome the paperback version of Uncertain Summer!


Uncertain Summer


For decades, something has lurked in the swampy lakes of East Texas. When a TV show offers a million dollars to the person that can provide conclusive proof of the creature, Everdil, her brother, and two friends form a team to snap a picture of Bigfoot. But tracking a monster, especially one nobody’s been able to catch, proves trickier than Everdil expected. With each new adventure, Everdil seems to create more problems with her friends and family than she solves. In the end, she has to hope that her brave, foolish actions will ultimately make things right with everyone, including Bigfoot. This book will remind readers that hope and loyalty are traits that we all share, no matter our size. 



The paperback version of Uncertain Summer can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IPG.

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