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A very happy book birthday to Dragon Bonded by Kath Boyd Marsh! We’re so excited to be able to share this book with you and hope you love it as much as we do!


Dragon BondedIn this quirky adventure through various fantasy realms, dragon Hazel and her (former) best friend Gaelyn struggle to foil a villainous unicorn. Ever since her brother Cl’rnce and his wizard partner were crowned the Dr’gon Primus, Hazel has had her paws full dealing with all the work. Cl’rnce might wear the crown, but Hazel is the one cleaning up the messes her prankster brother leaves behind. To manage everything, Hazel relies on her own Wizard Partner, the unflappable Galeyn. When Cl’rnce is poisoned, it’s Gaelyn that Hazel turns to for help. However, Gaelyn has been keeping secrets of her own—secrets she never intended to share, not even with a friend like Hazel. Gaelyn struggles to hide her true self, but is unable to lie when her secret is revealed. Now caught between their former friendship and their new distrust for one another, the two must work together if they are going to save Cl’rnce’s life from a foe neither of them had expected. 


Dragon Bonded is available for purchase via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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