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In case you missed it, Dragon Bonded, the latest novel from Kath Boyd Marsh, came out earlier this month. We love this book and are so excited to see it out in the wild and to share it with you!

Dragon BondedIn this quirky adventure through various fantasy realms, dragon Hazel and her (former) best friend Gaelyn struggle to foil a villainous unicorn. Ever since her brother Cl’rnce and his wizard partner were crowned the Dr’gon Primus, Hazel has had her paws full dealing with all the work. Cl’rnce might wear the crown, but Hazel is the one cleaning up the messes her prankster brother leaves behind. To manage everything, Hazel relies on her own Wizard Partner, the unflappable Galeyn. When Cl’rnce is poisoned, it’s Gaelyn that Hazel turns to for help. However, Gaelyn has been keeping secrets of her own—secrets she never intended to share, not even with a friend like Hazel. Gaelyn struggles to hide her true self, but is unable to lie when her secret is revealed. Now caught between their former friendship and their new distrust for one another, the two must work together if they are going to save Cl’rnce’s life from a foe neither of them had expected.

I’d written to Kath because I was interested in having her answer some interview questions for the blog. Turns out she’s super busy unpacking and writing, so imagine my surprise when I received an email from Great and Mighty Wizard, Moire Ain! She was kind enough to answer some of my questions on her behalf.


Hello! This is Great and Mighty Wizard. Kath, our scribe is still unpacking from our recent move. She’s down to the most important part- unpacking the office dragons, but until she does, I’ll pitch in for her. I did try a spell to help her, but sometimes I have that Bumblespells problem, so she has to find a ladder tall enough to get up to the top shelves for the boxes where the dragons landed. An accident, sort of.

Anyway, Stephanie wanted to know some things about how Kath writes. To tell the truth, she gets a general idea, and we all help her with the details. Her ideas just seem to creep up on her and demand attention. It’s very magickal! We help, but we let her pick our names. She particularly likes to use her family’s genealogy to look back for interesting names. And sometimes she likes to translate those names into Gaelic, often Welsh. That’s how she got my name. Pretty neat.

Sometimes you can’t tell that she’s writing. She sits at her computer with earphones on. You can tell when she’s listening to music with no lyrics. She just writes and writes. If she’s listening to Toby Keith songs, she bounces and sings along. There was a vote early on, with one abstention, ( Gingham Hobby Horse loves singing no matter how ear-splitting it is.) the whole office of dragons, wizards, and others, voted for her to Not sing.

She’s a “panster” when she writes. That does not mean she wears pants, although she does. That means she writes by the seat of her pants. No outline, just that magickal larger idea of the characters, story, and where it should go. Since we all add our thoughts, her bigger idea often changes, twists and turns. And comes out at a really good place.

Stephanie asked about research. Well, Kath loves to read about Celtic mythology. And she has this old library catalog [seen left] with drawers of notes on index cards. I may or may not know who cast the alphabetizing spell that may or may not have mixed all the cards up, a lot. 

I see Stephanie asked if Kath always wrote fantasy. Well, her very first story was written just after first grade when she wrote a story about a PB. The PB was a made up character in honor of her real little sister, definitely a fantasy story. As she grew older, she tried other kinds of writing. When she was a senior in high school, her family moved to Tampa, FL. She tried out for the Literary club and was rejected.

Did I mention that Kath has always been stubborn? Her favorite literary character is Eeyore, because he may see the gloom, but he truly never gives up. Telling Kath no did not mean that silly club rejection stopped her. It took years, but she found the perfect publisher, and her fantasies found a home. Good for CBAY Books!

Don’t tell the others here in Kath’s office hear, but I think she identifies most with me! I get things a little wrong, but then I get them right. She does the same. Neither of us will ever ever give up.

Oh, yeah. Kath took us to the Kentucky Book Festival a couple of weeks ago. One person who came to meet the authors asked Kath this: “What is the most important single thing for a writer?”

Kath didn’t even have to think about it. And we didn’t have to give her any help. She said, “That the author loves her characters, every single one. And I do!”

Great and Mighty Wizard, Moire Ain – for Kath, Scribe

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule, Moire Ain! As a thank you to you and Kath, we’re giving away a copy of The Lazy Dragon and the Bumblespells Wizard and Dragon Bonded!

Click here to enter! You must be at least 13 years of age and have a US mailing address. Giveaway ends on December 2nd at midnight CST with the winner announced December 3rd. Good luck! For full rules, click here.

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