Author Jessica Lee Anderson signing UNCERTAIN SUMMER

Our Authors

Jessica Lee Anderson lives near Austin, Texas with her husband, daughter, and two crazy dogs. She is the author of Uncertain Summer. Visit Jessica on her website for more information on school visits and her books.

Susan Bianculli wears the titles “Mother” and “Wife” most proudly. Another is “Author” for her The Mist Gate Crossings series, as well as several short stories in several anthologies.
Visit Susan on her website for more information on her books:

Leslie Carmichael had been inside the Great Pyramid at Giza, had watched the world turn purple during a solar eclipse, and had been an honoured guest at a Canadian-Scottish-Taiwanese wedding. Leslie lived in Calgary with her husband, three children and two demanding cats. Leslie passed away in 2014. The Amulet of Amon-Ra was her only book with CBAY Books.

Denise Getson Signing

Denise Getson signing THE LAST TREE

Denise Getson has a bachelor’s of arts degree from Duke University and a master’s degree from Southern Methodist University. Her previous publications include business articles and fine arts reviews. In the past three years, the author has lived in Texas, Taiwan and Malaysia. Dry Souls is her first novel.

Author PJ Hoover

Author PJ Hoover before her speech on the PopTop stage at ALA 2017.

P. J. Hoover lives in Austin, Texas, with her son, daughter, husband, dog and 2 tortoises. She is the author of the Forgotten Worlds Trilogy books. Visit P. J. on her website for information on school visits, her books, and her blog.

Ella Kennen lives with her amazing husband and daughter, a huge dog, two stubborn cats, and an assortment of wildlife in her garden. The Amazing Tales are her first ebooks with CBAY Books.

At seven years old Kath Boyd Marsh self-published her first fantasy on lined notebook paper, stapled together by her grandfather, and starring a creature based on her little sister- the ‘PB.’ Before Kath moved to Richmond, KY to write about dragons, wizards, and other fantastic creatures, she lived in seven states, Panama, and one very haunted house. The Lazy Dr’gon and the Bumblespells Wizard is her first novel. Visit Kath’s website for more information.

Claire & Monte Montgomery have been writing and making music together for about as long as they can remember. Their first novel, HUBERT INVENTS THE WHEEL, was selected for the prestigious Texas Bluebonnet List in 2007. They live in Los Angeles, California. Visit Claire and Monte on their website for information on school visits, their books, and more.

Anitha Robinson lives in Ontario with her husband, her two children, three dogs, two horses and a cat. Broken Worlds is her first novel. Visit Anitha on her website for information of her book, school visits, and more.

David M. Simon first wondered about lunch ladies after volunteering in his children’s school cafeteria. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with his family and very few creamed corn emergencies. Trapped in Lunch Lady Land is his debut novel.

Linda Joy Singleton Signing

Linda Joy Singleton signing MEMORY GIRL

Linda Joy Singelton is the author of over 40 YA/MG novels, including the YALSA honored THE SEER and DEAD GIRL WALKING series. She and her husband live in Northern California on 28 acres with a lovely view of oaks and pines. Visit Linda’s website for more information.

Donna St. Cyr enjoys life in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she has worked as a teacher and school librarian for over twenty years. She is the author of The Secrets of the Cheese Syndicate. Visit Donna on her website for information of her book, school visits, and more.

Our Anthology Editors

Hope Erica Schultz writes Science Fiction and Fantasy for teens and adults. Her YA post-apocalyptic novel, The Last Road Home, came out November 2015, and her first experience as co-editor, the YA anthology One Thousand Words for War, came out May 2016.

Madeline Smoot enjoys editing all kinds of books for children and teen, but her favorite job is assembling anthologies. She has compiled a number of anthologies including The Fairy Tales Reimagined books and One Thousand Words for War for CBAY Books. Visit Madeline on her website for information on her writing guides, books, school visits and more.